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CASIO CDP-120BK for Bakehouse Studio #01

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Jim Morrison #01 for Naheed ~ Contains rude joke

Howard Broadbent - a Lancashire legend - The Blackpool Belle

Howard Broadbent - a Lancashire legend - The Blackpool Belle

Taya Marquis - Obsession (Official)

PRESS RELEASE from Seth Mould

PRESS RELEASE from Seth Mould
Seth Mould (Stephen Mann) 10-Oct-2014
I want my ASBO forbidding me from ringing 999 or 101 to be reviewed.
I lived in Bolton for 57 years until May 2013, when I was forced to leave town after various crimes against me.
My second wife Clare Louise Mann (nee Morgan) divorced me in 2009 for ‘withdrawal from the matrimonial chamber’ when in fact she was ‘seeing’ another man, and since 2010 I haven't heard from her or our two boys. I was convicted of harassment after 11 visits to my property to recover my golf clubs and piano and talk to 2 of my children and my second wife.
On my birthday, in March 2013, my first son Ben - whose mother, my wife Sarah, died in August 1988 - came to stay. Incidentally Clare Mann still has the dining table and photographs belonging to Sarah Mann (nee Ward). We had a party and the guests left about 1am. Two insisted I lock the door.  Ben slept in my bed and I slept on the settee under a duvet. When I awoke, a smartphone, a camera, and £800 in cash had disappeared from 3 feet away, and the door was still locked. Ben has mental issues, so I thought he may have moved them into my bedroom or hidden them in the block of flats. When he arose, he insisted he knew nothing about it. I reported the crime as an incident, because I didn't want Ben to be traumatized by a police interview in which he would be the prime suspect. The next day I phoned Ben's adoptive mother - my sister-in-law who had brought him up with her partner in Kent - to make sure he had never done anything similar. I also realized three guitars had disappeared, so I phoned 101 again. The police said the matter was closed. I made a complaint through a Bolton solicitor but they said it was a waste of time when I saw them a year later. I thought my neighbour - who had problems -  had somehow got a key to my flat and done the burglary. I was probably wrong. Two days later he knocked me out in my flat after I accused him of beating his partner. Their second attempt at cohabitation had failed again. I had invited them round for a farewell drink, ostensibly to comfort them. After he knocked my glasses off and me over with her standing behind me, he fled. My phone was stolen in the burglary, so I rang him on her phone to try to talk him down, then rang the police. On arrival they interviewed her first next door. They came to see me then and said she had said I had "fell over". I have video evidence of the slight black eye caused by my smashed glasses. Three weeks later he - and possibly an accomplice - put my windows in; there were two simultaneous blows to the windows next to me in the lounge, then two more to break the inner glazing. We found blood on the glass. Forensics matched his DNA on the PNC, and he - Paul Bowman - spent a couple of months in HMP Forest Bank, where I saw him later. I saw him because I was eventually sent to prison myself for driving offences and 'wasting police time', having called 101 or 999 twenty-three times in seven weeks about multiple crimes against me. GMP police phoned me at my emergency residence one day and asked me to meet them at the flat about the windows. Two officers (one of them female, the other male PC 5235??? GMP) arrested me brutally after I got there, and I was charged. I made a complaint about the officers but heard nothing of it. I fled to Blackpool because I feared for my life, and fully intended to kill myself in a caravan I bought as a temporary home.
I drove while banned because I was in Blackpool and my life was in Bolton. I felt like an American in Blackpool. That will be the title of my memoirs.
The burglars - I eventually realized - probably came in through a window they had opened whilst at the party, and stole everything while I was asleep.
Several people owe me lots of money lent in good faith, and several have burgled, robbed, and assaulted me - sending me back to hospital - at a time when I had been near to death in hospital and needed a mobility scooter. I could name criminals in Bolton, but fear retribution. I’m making this statement to clear my name, and to bring shame and regret to evil people. I will forgive them, and we can be friends, if they accept that their lifestyle hurts others and - ultimately - themselves.
After my release from HMP Forest Bank - where I played guitar and piano in the Chapel - I tried to set up as a musician in Blackpool, but got assaulted and thrown out by yet more low life, and stayed at Eurogarages, J7, M61 over Xmas 2013. I received a threat of violence from Bolton, and reported it to Lancashire Police - against my ASBO, which forbade me calling 101 or 999, intending to commit suicide in prison. They came round several times and I played guitar for them; makes a change on the night shift. They had a squad car circling the services area for an hour. Then GMP arrested me for calling 101 and I spent a night in Walton prison before Chorley Magistrates sent me to a bail hostel in Plymouth, where I lived with some serious but fascinating, funny, and loving ex-offenders for a few weeks, got assaulted again, reported that, got arrested, had my room broken into by CID looking for a murderer, had my laptop with all my songs and backing tracks stolen, got arrested for failing to appear in Chorley (£150 train fare, on JSA?), got transported in a prison van (tiny metal cage with a metal seat) from Plymouth to Chorley and got found guilty automatically (for not appearing) and sent to HMP Preston for nine weeks. On release they couldn't find my passport. I'm sure I insisted on taking it with me when I was arrested. They wouldn't let me take my clothes.
Now I'm living in a hostel in Blackburn, with some great young guys who have become like sons to me. But I still get one or two bullies.
Bullies frighten me, so I cower and guard myself while stepping away whenever I am threatened. But something makes me say "I WON'T BE BULLIED". Admitting my cowardice is the nearest I get to brave, and the closest thing to crazy. I might hit a bully or sing a song about that one day.
Update: 16-Aug-2014 Devon & Cornwall Police rang me on Wednesday saying they would return my phone and were looking for my passport.
Update: 23-Sep-2014 Natwest (i) & Santander (ii) are being bullied by me on Twitter to see if (i) they will extend my overdraft. £4000 or so, or (ii) let me have an account. We'll see ;) I recorded a .wma for @JennieLaws, @Muzart, and @TayaMarquis. Alphabetical order. I <3 them all. 8-)
Update: 10-Oct-2014 I got arrested last week after being excluded from my hostel overnight and ringing the police because I’d rather go to prison than sleep rough in Blackburn. I spent two nights in the cells then the Magistrates were very sympathetic and just put me on tagged curfew for eight weeks.